Likely caused by the death of a nerve inside the tooth or a gum infection. Untreated, an abscess could be life threatening. Antibiotics/pain killers may be prescribed.

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Injuries to mouth soft tissues

Tears, cuts or punctures inside the cheeks, lips or tongue. Clean and treat immediately in an urgent care centre or emergency department. Stop bleeding in soft tissues including tongue by cleaning area with running water and then compressing the injured area with gauze or cotton wool for five minutes. If necessary pull tongue forward.

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Displaced Teeth / Moved Tooth

If a tooth is pushed inward or outward, reposition to normal alignment with light finger pressure. Do not force. Use a moist cloth or gauze to hold tooth in place. See a dentist within 30 minutes of injury.

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Broken or fractured teeth

Minor fractures may be smoothed by a dentist using a sandpaper disc. Moderate to severe fractures may require more extensive treatment. Try to find broken piece of tooth, place it in a glass of water and bring to the dentist. It may be possible to re-attach it to the tooth using a dental adhesive filling material.

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Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers

If the mouth ulcer doesn’t heal within 10 days, see a dentist. Don’t put aspirin near the ulcer. A pharmacist can recommend a topical aesthetic to reduce discomfort.

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