Dentures are replacements for missing teeth that can be taken in and out. While dentures take some getting used to and will never exactly the same as one’s own teeth, today dentures are more natural looking and comfortable then ever.

Here in the practice we have a dedicated denture department headed by Dr. Fionn Murphy who has a vast and wide experience in all aspects of dentures. Over the years he has had many denture patients referred to him and has treated thousands of successful cases.

New to dentistry is the mini implant system, which solves the problem of that very loose denture. Dentures are custom made in a laboratory from an impression taken from your mouth. Generally there are a number of appointments involved in making dentures.

A full denture replaces all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaws (i.e. no natural teeth remain), whereas a partial denture is used only when some teeth are missing and it replaces these teeth only.

The main types of dentures are:

Acrylic Dentures

These are made from plastic and are generally less expensive.

Chrome-Cobalt (metal) Dentures

These generally are partial dentures that are made of a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth. These tend to be less bulky and stay in better.

Immediate Dentures

This type of denture is made to replace teeth that are to be extracted. The denture is actually made before the teeth are extracted. When the tooth is extracted, the immediate denture is fitted at the same time. This is done mainly for teeth in visible areas so that no spaces are left after the extraction. This type of denture is generally short-term and needs to be relined / adjusted or remade after a number of months.

Flexible (Valplast) Dentures

These dentures are made of a special type of plastic that is very light and flexible and comfortable. Because of this it adapts and bends into one’s own teeth and gums almost imperceptibly, to make them completely natural looking. These are especially good for cases where a high level of aesthetics is required.