Award Winning Dentistry in Cavan

Here at Colm Smith Dental, we take pride in looking after all our patient’s needs. Dental anxiety is a common concern among patients and sedation is available to help deliver treatment in a stress-free manner.

A “mini-drip” is placed in the back of your hand and the relaxing drug is administered in stages until you feel completely relaxed. At this point treatment can commence as normal.

Throughout your course of IV sedation you remain conscious and are never actually fully “asleep”. However, many patients believe they have slept through the entire procedure. Many also can’t remember any part of the procedure from the moment the medication is given.

Our specialist Oral Surgeon, Mr. Chris Bell, an IV sedation trainer and founding member of
Dental Sedation Teachers Group, has been providing treatment under IV sedation here for over 14 years. There are 3 other members of staff who are trained in IV sedation. For best patient care, the practice organises sedations days.