Teeth Whitening is one of the most common, minimally invasive procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Did you know that one third of all cosmetic dental procedures carried out involves teeth whitening! It is a great option to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile.

Your teeth can be safely whitened with bleaching trays at home in your own time, or by one of our dentists using patented zero-sensitivity light activated bleaching system known as wy10.

Sometimes when a tooth dies, following trauma or root canal treatment, it can become darker in colour. This can be unsightly, especially if it is a front tooth which is highly visible. These teeth can be bleached internally until the tooth returns to it original shade.

Some patients have white spots on their front teeth. These can be removed from the teeth using a specialised bleaching polish.

For further information on bleaching you can visit the British Dental Bleaching Society at this address: www.bdbs.co.uk