Halloween can be a scary time for your teeth. All that extra sugar is bad news if you don’t look after them properly.

Our wonderful hygienist Avril has some tips for helping children to have great brushing habits and keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Avril Johnston Hygienist


Avril Johnston is our full time hygienist. She has worked in many specialised private practices in London, Oxford and Manchester before joining our practice in January 2009.



1. The amount of sugar is not the problem.

The frequency is. If a child has sweets or fizzy drinks in small quantities every day, it does more damage than if they had a large amount on just one day.

The mouth can withstand 3 attacks of sugar per day. Your saliva is there to help repair the damage done. This happens between meals. Constant snacking means that there is no time to recover in between attacks which can lead to decay.

2. Drinks are just as bad as sweets.

Water and milk are the best drinks for children. Minerals, fruit juices and sugar-filled drinks must be taken only occasionally and always brush afterwards. These are best taken with meals for the same reason as above. In between meals is a whole new attack on the teeth.

3. Get the brush right.

A soft bristled, small headed brush is best for children. If your child finds they don’t like the feeling of brushing their teeth, a simple tip is to use some warm water instead of cold water for brushing teeth. Sometimes it is just the sensation of a cold brush, which stiffens the bristles that puts children off. Using warm water is a more pleasant feeling and softens the brush a little too.

4. Mouthwash.

Mouthwash is really not necessary for children. Good brushing twice a day with a quality brush is quite sufficient for children’s mouths. Combine this with good choices when eating and drinking and you’re on your way to dental health success!


So now you can go and enjoy your treats knowing you have the tricks to get your mouth back to good health again afterwards. 


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